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We have the stage...are you ready to take it?

We are a web-cam studio, and we are looking for female and male models who enjoy being in the spotlight. We ready to take the stage. ARE YOU?  You need three things:

1. be easy to talk to;

2. like to be sexual and flirtatious with yourself or web pal;

3. want to earn between $30-$70 dollars an hour.

Finally, you need to be CONSISTENT.

There is no physical contact outside of your control - just your room, a webcam and your fans.  If this describes you, then this is the right job for you.  Set your own limits. Set your own hours. You just have one obligation. SHOW UP! Keep in mind the more reliable you are, the bigger your fan base will be.  It will help you build a fan base that demands YOU.  Which in turn brings in, more money...for YOU.

To apply you MUST have a Twitter account, be famliar with with our site, and have a willingness to be consistent - llike we said, SHOW UP!

To apply:

Complete the form below, submit a head shot and full body shot that compliments your figure. 

Please include your contact info so we can contact you...

A.C Tiffany & Co.

Web Cam Sluts are friends for all sexualized sex fan. Men, women, TY, couples, solo... You get the idea. A place were you can bring your FANTASY to REALITY all from your Android, laptop, tablet , ect. technology... Any where any time you please with our platform... Cum be a peeping tom and find out how... We are eager to have you stop by and take a peek...